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Jeff Mills

international news_18th August, 2004

Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier Double Headline Tour

Two giants of the techno world, Detroit's Jeff Mills and France's Laurent Garnier have just announced details of a extended European tour that will see the two techno pioneers go back to back during 7 hour performances taking place on every night of the tour.

Although not the first techno super team the pairing of Mills and Garnier will be a little bit special, not least because the two DJ's, renowned for their techno sounds have announced that they won't be playing techno!

In an interview with Australia's onion magazine Mills announced,
"It's not a techno tour, it's not a house tour, not a disco tour, but we just play what we think is emotionally rich. It can be anything from Afro-Cuban to reggae-dub to rock & roll to house and hip hop."

Possibly just a coincidence that this tour is coming just after Mills releases his first non-techno compilation, 'Choice', Mills's selection of tracks that been with him throughout his life, Jeff claims this tour is trying rediscover what makes club music interesting.

'The idea of going back and playing house music and disco and R&B and things like that, it provokes those memories. I think it generally hits most DJs somewhere around a decade after DJ'ing - I think you tend to want to revisit, or maybe it's some indication that we're possibly approaching a turning point and we're going back revisiting because there are certain values that we learned in the music and we don't want to forget those values. So it's very important - for instance, it's most important that the people are actually allowed to dance, physically dance, so I think you go back and you listen to those things that you used to dance off and you understand why they worked so well'

The 13-date tour will visit the following venues

14th Sept : Rex Club, Paris, France
16th Sept : Fabric, London, London
18th Sept : Fuse, Brussels, Belgium
22nd Sept : Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
24th Sept : Amria Am Ufer Berlin, Germany
29th Sept : Mad, Lausanne, Switzrland
01st Oct : Discotheque, Barcelona, Spain
09th Oct : The End, London, UK
22nd Oct : SKC, Belgrade, Serbia
28th Oct : Rex Club, Paris, France
29th Oct : Cocoon, Frankfurt, Germany
30th Oct : Universal Dog, Lahr, Germany
31st Oct : Mudia Art, Essen, Germany

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