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DJ Union

international news_8th August, 2004

DJ Union

UK Based DJ Mag has announced the formation of a new union aimed at the professional DJ this month. Based in London The Disc Jockey Association or DJA as they like to be known has been started to serve the interests of global DJ's and provide legal protection and representation.

There is a one off joining fee and after that its 3.80 GBP per week to access the full range of member services, which include insurance to cover loss of records, breach of contract and European travel insurance. The union also employs a legal team that can help member's deal with non-paying promoters and other legal hurdles faced in a DJ career.

"Members have the legal muscle of the Association in their corner," said a spokesman. "If a member's contract is breached the DJA pays the defaulted fee whilst its dedicated legal team pursues the defaulter through the courts on their behalf."

Members also get a page on the organizations website where they can display their biography, an online diary and details of DJ fees.

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