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Slam Bush

international news_6th August, 2004

Chuck D, Wordsworth and Medusa Slam Bush

Three leading figures of the US Hip-hop scene this week announced their involvement in a national MC battle aimed at publicising the lies their President, George W Bush, has told the nation throughout his term in Office.

The Slam Bush's series of anti Bush Hip Hop 'Rhyme Battle' contests have been organised by the League of Independent Voters. They have signed up an all star collection of Hip Hop's stars and industry organisations to target the country 20 million Hip Hop fans.

Regional qualifiers starting in August with a $500 prize for the crowd favourite at each event, eventually leading to the grand final in Miami where a $5000 prize for the overall winner is up for grabs. Taking place in late September it will coincide with prime time election fever hopefully influencing a normally ambivalent youth to exercise their right to vote and 'Send Bush back to Texas'. Choosing which Bush dissing finalist is the overall winner will be Hip Hop heavyweights Chuck D, Wordsworth, Medusa and Fahiym with 2 more judges yet to be announced.

With millions both inside and outside of America desperately hoping the incumbent president doesn't win another term, this election has spawned grass roots political activism in the US not seen since Vietnam.

'Slam Bush is an opportunity for the Hip-Hop generation to use its own voice to stand up against George W. Bush. For years Hip-Hop has been an informal political voice, now it's time to show we can make change at the polls' organizer Rob "biko" Baker told AllHipHop.com in a statement

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