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Fidelity Kastrow

international news _ 27th April, 2007

Berlin's Flesh Record Label Announces Fidelity Kastrow Joins Skrufff DJs

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

DJ/ performer Fidelity Kastrow is becoming a Skrufff DJ, teaming up with Jonty Skrufff to play joint gigs as well as solo sets in Europe and beyond.

"Fidelity and I are already working on producing tracks together, she's a great performer and DJ and since we share similar tastes in music, it makes sense to team up," said Jonty. "We're also looking forwards to performing on the same line-up together more and playing more back to back sets."

Fidelity spins Wet&Hard, the sex-soaked style of electronic dance music she helped define and create when she joined Mark Reeder's Flesh Record label in 2002. Berlin British expat Mark, who discovered Cosmic Baby before launching Paul Van Dyk on an unsuspecting world, continues to work with Fidelity and admits he's delighted she's added DJing to the singing role she previously developed with fellow Flesh artist Corvin Dalek.

"Fidelity is passionate about music, opinionated and totally committed," said Mark, "She's also already performed everywhere from Creamfields Czech Republic to the Love Parade in San Francisco and China, which I'm sure is why she's such a natural behind the decks."

Growing up in East Berlin, Fidelity attended an elite music school, studying classical voice training, music theory and acting classes. She also played the piano from the age of seven, becoming eligible to study piano at University level (an option she declined, having already discovered clubbing). Nowadays focused on DJing (her classical training means she's adept at understanding the structure of tracks and listening to separate instruments simultaneously) she's equally passionate about the feminist agenda she's helped develop in conjunction with Flesh's music.

Wet&Hard, she's keen to explain, is a lifestyle as much as a genre, based around sexual freedom, experimentation and wholeness rather than perfection, and musically her DJing style take the same eclectic approach, mixing elements of electro, nu-rave-ish techno, hip hop and foxy acapellas. Upcoming gigs include Berlin (Raum-E Festival, May 16) Prague (Roxy, June 9), London ( Film Noir at Bar Music Hall, June 15) and Czech’s Festival Summer Of Love (August 18): for more information, please email Mark Reeder at mark@mfs-berlin.de

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