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international news _ 11th April, 2007

Spooky's Third Opening Soon

Text by Len Iima (HigherFrequency)

Charlie May and Duncan Forbes, who together make up Spooky are ready to release their third album. These progressive House veterans got their break in 1993 with their debut CD "Gargantuan". They have worked under many labels including Guerilla, Tribal America and Generic and continued to produce a wide variety of sound. Most notably Charlie May has produced many tracks for Sasha including his mega hit 'Xpander'.

The latest offering sees the duo moving away from club anthems and focusing on a mellow, chilled out electronica style. The second disc is apparently even more downtempo (very rare in this style) with dub/echo version of disc one tracks. With vocals supplied by Julie Danke, the duo claim you can sing along to this album.

"Open" will be released on June 26th off Spooky.

Disc One
01. Belong (Open Version)
02. New Light
03. No Return
04. What Are We Waiting For
05. Shelter
06. Itís So Late
07. Strange Addiction
08. The River
09. An Ending

Disc Two
01. Belong (Echospace dub)
02. What Are We Waiting For (Dub)
03. New Light In Dub
04. Shelter (Slow Phase)
05. No Return (Dorset Echo)
06. The River (Ambient)
07. Strange Addiction (Dub Addiction)
08. New Light (Slow)
09. Celeste

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