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international news _ 28th April, 2006

Punx Soundcheck' When Machines (And New Romantics) Ruled the World

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

John Taylor from London electro-tech duo Punx Soundcheck chatted to Skrufff again this week about the band's upcoming debut album 'When Machines Ruled the World' and insisted their decision to gather together a Band Aid style reunion of 80s New Romantic stars was purely accidental.

"Obviously there are lots of people on the album that, er, I wouldn't say idolized but we were very influenced by," John confessed, but they all got involved through chance. Marc Almond was, and is, a huge influence on us, as is Boy George, but we didn't sit here one day and think 'Right we are going to get hold of Marc Almond to do a track', it just happened that he'd liked one of our records and we got in touch and he decided he wanted to do a track. With George it was the same," said John.

The album also includes Visage frontman Steve Strange singing genuinely new material the first time in years.

"Three years ago we did a remix of 'Fade To Grey' and Princess Julia managed to hook us up and we struck up a friendship really." said John.

"We didn't plan to get all these eighties influences on our album, but it just happened like that, we've also got Gene Serenem Avenue D and Larry Tee doing a little guest vocal because he's got such a creepy New York kind of accent, which is just perfect for the track. But all of them got involved through chance."

'When Machines Ruled the World' is out shortly on Berlin label Pale Music. The pair perform a dex & FX set at Computer Blue at Bar Music Hall, on Friday April 28.

Jonty Skrufff (JontySkrufff.com)

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