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international news _ 28th April, 2006

Ten Year Global Trek From Tel Aviv to Shanghai

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

It may seem like just yesterday to some, but it was actually ten years ago that you first spotted a little Tony de Vit CD from Tel Aviv that would spark a ten year voyage for an unknown label. Thanks to ongoing help from DJs like Danny Howells, Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren and Danny Tenaglia the Global Underground mix CD series, which aims to capture different vibes from different cities, became one of the most widely known and loved across all genres. With the success of this series the label was able to branch out and release other mix series as well as artist albums, the most recent being Lo Step's "Because We Can".

In order to commemorate this decade of progressive house Global Underground are releasing a monstrous 3 CD compilation or 4 CDs if you are one of those lucky enough to track down the limited edition. The first two CDs pay homage to the music that has been included on the label's mix CDs over the years and looks as if it will have spines tingling everywhere. The third CD is a salute to music before Global Underground's time, covering the late-eighties until mid-nineties.

The compilation will be released in the UK on the 15th of May, the US & Canada on the 6th of June and the rest of the world on the 22nd May. Also keep an eye out for the 3x12" version.

Disc One "96-06 Mix"
01.Underworld /Two Months Off
02.Laurent Garnier / Man With The Red Face (Jan Driver Mix)
03.Fatboy Slim / Sunset (Bird of Prey)
04.Pascal FEOS / Can U Feel It
05.Jark Prongo / Movin thru the System
06.Alex Dolby / Psiko Garden
07.Albion / Air
08.Libra / Calling your name (Original BT mix)
09.Polaroid / So Damn Beautiful (Amethyst mix)
10.Pako & Frederik / Steel Blue (GUX 2006 Re Edit)
11.Gypsy / I Trance You (Pappa and Gilbey mix)
12.Planisphere / Deep Blue Dream
13.PQM / You Are Sleeping (Accapella/Luke Chable Remix)
14.Private Productions / Sex Drive
15.Chable & Bonicci / Ride (Mashtronic Remix)
16.Felix Da Housecat / Silver Screen Shower Scene (Thin White Duke Remix)
17.Steve Lawler / Rise In (Original Mix)
18.Billie Ray Martin / Honey (Deep Dish Hoosee Dub)
19.Layo & Bushwacka / Let The Good Times Roll
20. Ian Brown / F.E.A.R. (UNKLE Mix)

Disc Two "96-06 Mix"
01.Dark Globe / Break My World
02.Lustral / Everytime (Nalin and Kane mix)
03.Sander Kleinenberg / Sacred
04.Alcatraz / Give me Luv (That kid Chris Mix)
05.Breeder / Sputnik
06.Cass & Slide / Perception
07.Stage One / Space Manouvers (Pariah/Total Seperation Mixes)
08.Lostep / The Roots
09.Forth / Reality Detached (K Roxx 2006 remix)
10.Miss Kitten / Frank Sinatra
11.Moonface / Overactive
12.KC Flight vs Funky Junction/ Voices (Pete Heller mix)
13.Pete Lazonby / Sacred Cycles (Jens Mahlstedt/Quivver/Original Mixes)
14.Talisman & Hudson / Leaving Planet Earth (GUX 2006 re-edit)
15.Danny Tenaglia / Turn Me on (Bedrock Mix)
16.Tilt / I Dream (Resurrection/Original Mix)
17.Hybrid / Theme From Wide Angle

Disc Three "87-95 Mix"
01.Slam / Eterna
02.The Beloved / Your Love Takes Me Higher (Chillum Willum Mix)
03.Uncle Bob / Uncle Bob's Burly House
04.280 West / Scattered Dreams (Boom Chakka mix)
05.Reese Project / Colour of Love
06.De Melero / Night Moves
07.Double FM / Sound of Amnesia
08.Andronicus / Make Me Whole
09.Alfedo / Inspiration
10.Phurry Freaks / Gonna Find A Way
11.The Good Men / Make Up Your Mind
12.Coco Steel and Lovebomb / Feel It
13.Band In A Box / Get Dynamite (Dub Mix)
14.EGMA / Let The Bass Kick
15.Mental Cube / Q (Santa Monica Mix)
16.Reese and Santonio / Rock to the beat
17.Ralphi Rosario / U Used To Hold Me
18.Rejuvination / I.B.O.
19.Caspar Pound feat Plavka / Fever called Love
20.LFO / LFO
21.SAS / Amber Groove
22.Sublime / The Theme
23.SSR / To Be House
24.Playboys / Mind Games
25.Salt City Orchestra / The Book
26.Slacker / Scared
27.PKA / Temperatures Rising
28.Sasha and Maria / Be as One

Disc Four 'GUMusic10' (Limited edition only)
01. J&S Project feat. Spineless / Gone Days Gone
02. Swain & Collingwood / Never Be The Same (The Funk Temple Mix)
03. The Remote / Like You
04. Dark Globe / Far Leys (Attic Window Remix)
05. Sissy / All Under
06. Trafik / Salt In NYC
07. Dark Globe / Feed (Mylo Mix)
08. The Remote / Please Change Your Mind (Ashley Casselle and Asad Rizvi's Seaside Town Instrumental Version)
09. Sissy / I See You (Micah's Only When I'm Visible Dub)
10. Trafik / Smoke & Answers

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