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Jonty Skrufff

international news _ 24th April, 2006

DTPM & Skrufff's Electric Loft Conversion

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

London polysexual clubbing institution DTPM are expanding their relationship with Skrufff to offer special concession guest list spaces for Skrufff readers including 20 free admission slots for nights when Jonty Skrufff spins at the club.

Skrufff readers will be able to obtain 8 pounds concession rates (reduced from 15 pounds) by emailing dtpm@skrufff.com before 5pm Saturday with free admission for the first 20 people for dates when Jonty's playing.

The promotion is part of the next stage of developing DTPM's Electric Loft concept which takes place in Fabric's Room 3 each week with regular DJs including Jonty, Tasty Tim and Queen Maxine.

"The whole concept of Electric Loft is that it's like a club within a club," said DTPM chief Lee Freeman. "We're developing it as an alternative space that attracts new people to the club as well as offering something fresh for the DTPM regulars. Sunday night clubbers are a different breed generally and we're sure plenty of Skrufff readers will enjoy Electric Loft and the whole vibe of DTPM generally."

The room's music policy is set to expand towards a more eclectic, alternative mix alongside electro, with special guest DJs joining the regulars.

Jonty spins at the club again this weekend (April 23); to obtain your free guest list spaces, email now (dtpm@skrufff.com), with full names (guest list is limited to 4 per person). Names will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis, with 8 pounds concessions for others.

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