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international news _ 21st April, 2006

DJs Like It Big

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

Obviously not too exhausted from tallying up the votes from last year's top 100 DJ poll, the crew behind DJMag have once again employed all sorts of complex algorithms to decipher just which clubs are the best in the world. The magazine, which turned fifteen years old earlier this year, asked an impressive 600 DJs to list their top three favourite clubs from around the world so thatcWell there doesn't always have to be a reason.

What the list showed was a strong British-Balearic connection with nine of the top ten clubs being located in either Ibiza or the UK. The only club with the power to break that link forged by Fabric, the End, Pacha and others was Tokyo's Womb nightclub. One more trend was clear throughout the list, DJs love big clubs. The top 50 was comprised largely of clubs with a capacity over 1000 with some even breeching the 5000 point. Notable exceptions were Robert Johnson, Herbal and Cielo which did little to sway suspicions that the survey may have included a question regarding remuneration.

The full list:
1. Fabric, London
2. The End, London
3. Turnmills, London
4. Pacha, Ibiza
5. Space, Ibiza
6. Amnesia, Ibiza
7. Womb, Tokyo
8. DC10, Ibiza
9. The Cross, London
10. The Arches, Glasgow
11. Zouk, Singapore
12. Guvernment, Toronto
13. Air, Birmingham
14. Honey Club, Brighton
15. Panorama Bar/Berghain, Berlin
16. Yellow, Tokyo
17. The Key, London
18. Razzmatazz, Barcelona
19. Warung, Itajai, Brazil
20. Space, Miami
21. SuperCharged, Brighton
22. Stereo, Montreal
23. The Egg, London
24. Lush!, Portrush, Northern Ireland
25. WeekEnd, Berlin
26. Ministry Of Sound, London
27. Chibuku, Liverpool
28. Opera House, Bournemouth
29. Pacha, Buenos Aires
30. Cocoon Club, Frankfurt
31. Digital, Newcastle
32. Hum, London
33. Nodisko, London
34. D-Edge, Brazil
35. Elevate, New Delhi
36. Panama, Amsterdam
37. Spundae, Los Angeles
38. Sankeys Soap, Manchester
39. Kissdafunk, Leeds
40. Kristal, Bucharest
41. Neighbourhood, London
42. Ambar, Perth
43. Robert Johnson, Frankfurt
44. Cocorico, Riccione, Italy
45. Home, Sydney
46. Herbal, London
47. Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos
48. Cielo, New York
49. Circus, Liverpool
50. Rex Club, Paris

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