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international news _ 17th April, 2006

New 'Mature' Mixmag To Ditch Dinosaur DJs

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Mixmag features editor Gavin Herlily chatted to Skrufff this week about the seminal dance music magazine's imminent relaunch under new owners Development Hell and revealed that the 15 year old title is going to be radically different.

"Under EMAP we were always chasing this younger reader which alienated all our older readers. The new magazine is all about having a Mixmag that older readers can enjoy as well as young people that are keen and interested in music," said Gavin.

"We're still covering lifestyle clubbing stories but with an older tone aiming at a more mature reader. There are longer features and more in-depth journalism and it doesn't look so 'teen mag' as before. It's more a magazine that the staff are proud of, we're prouder now than we've ever been."

Gavin said the new look magazine will also become increasingly focused on upcoming DJs and producers in future issues, moving away from the old guard of superstar DJs who have dominated clubland for so long.

"The problem with dance music is that DJs will go off the boil musically or artistically but there is a global club scene of promoters willing to maintain their presence long after they're past their sell-by date," he said.

"But now more than ever there's loads more stars and new acts coming through and I think it's up to the media to welcome new people. We'd rather write about exciting people with stories to tell rather than old dinosaur stars putting out albums that sound more like marketing plans than albums," he added.

The new Mixmag is out on April 20.

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