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international news _ 14th April, 2006

DJ Marky: Brixton Can Be As Bad as Brazil

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Drum & bass star DJ Marky chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming gig in London and life back home in Brazil, and defended his country's reputation for ultra-violence as depicted in films like Rio's shanty town epic City Of God.

"When it comes to favelas, they can be dangerous, sure, but so can Brixton or other towns that have poverty, it is just that no-one has made a film about it in as much detail," said Marky.

"Films can make the nicest places seem like the nastiest place on the planet so you can't trust them too much."

The globe-trotting DJ was equally grounded about the power (or otherwise) or dance music, declaring "I'd love to think that music could bring an end to all the death and destruction in the world but realistically that probably will not happen. It would be amazing if it could but it would be a very hard thing to do."

"What I hope that music, and especially the dance culture, can do is bring the next generation together," he added, "So that they would rather dance and get on with each other than pick up guns."

The Sao Paulo based DJ hosts his next Marky & Friends event at London's The End club on April 21 when he'll be playing alongside his old compadre DJ Patife for the first time in three years and said he remains passionate about DJing, despite the ever increasing expectations of his fans.

"It's the public who buys tickets to gigs and my records so they are my priority and so I have to be aware of their opinion of what I am doing currently," he said.

"However, the longer you carry on and the more consistent you are, the easier it becomes because people know who you are and are willing to come and see you play because they know that you will play the tunes that they like. So it works in both directions."

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