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Pako & Frederik

international news _ 14th April, 2006

Pako & Frederik's Situation Report

Text by Nick Lawrence (HigherFrequency)

In addition to their label Majestic Music that was launched in 1996, the Dutch progressive house pair of Pako & Frederik have recently started up one more outlet for their releases. Called Situation Report, or Sit.Rep for short, the new label will be a springboard for the duo's works under their Pako & Frederik, Majestic and Raisani & Borgesius aliases.

Pako & Frederik first started making waves in the mainstream when their track 'Blue Steel' was signed to Bedrock in 1999 and subsequently featured on John Digweed's Global Underground Hong Kong CD. Since that point they have struggled to keep up with demand for their remix and production work, the Dutchmen being included on compilations by Sasha, Anthony Pappa, Carl Cox, Slam and Derrick Carter. More recently though the boys have worked with the team at the hit TV show CSI:Miami which has previously featured music from Sasha's "Airdrawndagger".

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