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international news _ 7th April, 2006

Paris Club Chiefs Dismiss US/UK Riot Alerts

Text by Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)

Both British and American authorities issued formal warnings to their citizens to avoid riot threatened tourist spots including Notre Dame and the Sorbonne in Paris this week, prompting perplexed reactions from prominent local promoters.

"Gee, did they really say that?" scoffed David from Respect Is Burning, "I can't think of a safer place in Paris than Notre Dame, apart from perhaps when the demonstrations are ending, otherwise it's as safe as Oxford Street. The Eiffel Tower and specially Champs Elysees can be at times be rough for tourists but really, there's no need to panic; even if you want to demonstrate with us," he laughed.

Fellow club promoter Ed Parissi was equally non-plussed telling Skrufff 'the biggest police station in Paris is in front of Notre Dame, so there's definitely no problem there'.

"And the students are almost always very peaceful and cool when they are striking," he added, "You tourists can safely meet young students if you like; the weed is good and the vibe very funny," he advised.

Both America's State Department and Britain's Foreign Office's alerts explain that young people are protesting against changes in the country's employment laws, which will allow employers to sack people under 26 without notice, and warn that night time is particularly dangerous, a point David also queried.

"These protests are having absolutely no impact on nightlife at all, the problems are strictly limited to the times of the demonstrations and where they happen," he said.

"Obviously every student is concerned about the law, and nightlife's full of students but I suppose politics stops at the door of the club. In fact, our own doorman, Fran?ois Buot who's normally a Philosophy teacher at college, went on the anti CPE demonstration during the day before doing the door at Respect at night," he added.

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