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international news _ 14th April 2005

More Essential Mixes On Radio 1

Radio One, the UK station that won the award for Best Radio Station at the recent World Dance Music Awards in Miami continues to roll out some of the biggest names in electronic music on their flagship showcase of talent, The Essential Mix, broadcast 1-3 am GMT every Sunday morning.

Last week (and still available online) was Mylo, on of the most successful producers of the last 18 months and this year's festival favourite who gives us a 2 hour set of his trademark brand of electro house. And quite badly it has to be said. It's hard not to like the catchy 5 min tracks that he came up with for Destroy Rock and Roll and he does throw a few nice little re edits and bootlegs into this mix. In fact it's not really the tracks that individually are quite nice, as a set though it's hard to really get into it and though it's hard to fault his production skills, his mixing are a different story.

The next few weeks look set to continue the big name lineup with a live broadcast from Skol Beats event in Brazil next weekend featuring the boss Tongey with Layo and Bushwacka, Radio 1's Big Weekend at the beginning of May and a very special broadcast ont eh 22nd May featuring Sasha, live from Maida Vale. You can be sure that's one show the mixing won't be dodgy on!

Mylo : 10/04/05

Skol Beats, Tong, Patife, Layo & Bush... : 17/04/05

Andy C : 01/05/05

Radio 1's Big Weekend : 08/05/05

Tom Middleton : 15/05/05

Sasha live from Maida Vale : 22/05/05

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