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Derrick Carter

international news _ 14th April 2005

Classic Records 10th Anniversary Party @ The End

Saturday 23rd April will be a date in the diary for all lovers of Chicago house sounds with the 10th Anniversary party for Classic records taking at The End in London. Label founders Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon will be playing all night in the main room and Classic stable-mate Rob Mello plans to take over the lounge, creating an event that will be a tribute to a record label with longevity, integrity, and most importantly, a back catalogue of Classic music.

Classic was created in 1995 by two of the most highly regarded figures in underground dance, pioneering UK DJ Luke Solomon, and innovative torchbearer of the Chicago sound, Derrick Carter. Spurred by a simple mission - 'We wanted every release to become a classic' - their devotion and creativity has taken Classic from fledgling status to stand as one of the most inspiring underground labels in the world.

'Bushes' by Marcus Nikolai, 'Beau Mot Plage' by Isolee, 'Perspex Sex' by Freeform Five, 'Square Dancing In a Round House' by Derrick L. Carter, the list of Classic records goes on and on.

Bringing the Classic sound to The End to celebrate the anniversary of this momentous label, Derrick Carter and Luke Solomon created a night with a reputation for quality. A promised land for the discerning dance music lover, it left critics and crowds spellbound and no doubt will for the next 10 years.

Saturday 23rd April 2005
'As One' presents: Classic 10th Anniversary
Main Room: Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon
Lounge: Rob Mello, Iz and Diz
AKA: Graeme Lloyd, Anil Chawla, Tania von Pea

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