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international news _ 14th April 2005

New Royksopp Album

The champions of Scandinavian electronic Royksopp have finally, after four years of expectation from a worldwide base of fans, announced details of their new album due out in June this year.

Provisionally titled 'The Understanding' the 11 track follow up to 2001's massive 'Melody AM' will be released on UK label Wall of Sound on the 27th June with a taster single, 'Only This Moment' out 2 weeks earlier on the 13th June

Promising a sound that looks more to the future than to the past the duo have said that this album will be much more about the melody than the atmospheric sounds that were found on their first album. Conceptualised while on tour for their first album ideas and concepts were scrawled on paper and recorded on tape ready for production of their second album the album is said to feature much more vocal aspects than Melody AM.

A tour schedule to support the upcoming release is hastily being organised, for these and more details of what's going on in Royksopp land check out these websites.

"The Understanding": Tracklisting

1. Triumphant
2. Only This Moment (Released as a single on June 13th 2005)
3. 49 Percent
4. Boys
5. Follow My Ruin
6. Beautiful Day
7. What Else Is There?
8. Circuit Breaker
9. Alpha Male
10. Someone Like You
11. Dead To The World

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