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international news _ 14th April 2005

Pole Folder - First Bedrock Artist Album

Bedrock, the imprint owned, nurtured and managed by John Digweed has announced details of the first artist album ever released on the world-renowned label. Pole Folder's Zero Gold will be, as you may expect from a label with a reputation as high as Bedrock's, an instant classic upon release, it's timeless sounds, polished production and strong artistic concept launching the career of one of the progressive scene's most exciting new artists.

A musician since the age of 5 Benoit Franquet started out by learning to play the trumpet then guitar before learning the art of composition that led him to play with a symphony orchestra. He went through a rock phase in his late teens before discovering the techno scene after which he made his first experiments with sequencers and samplers.

His epic tracks soon caught the ears of the industries best DJs, most importantly Sasha and Digweed that led to him being signed to Bedrock records for his first 3 singles before working towards releasing the whole album.

Here's what john Digweed had to say about the talented French Producer.

"Pole Folder is one of the most consistent and talented producers I've heard over the years. As far as the first ever artist album on Bedrock goes, he was the natural choice as there's been a link since we signed 'Apollo Vibes' after opening my GU: Los Angeles album with it, right through 'Dust' on MMII to the outstanding production you'll hear here.

This album is a really broad soundscape of music with feeling; downbeat building records, driving, urgent breaking tracks and mind blowing cinematic scale and productioncall with a thread running through it. He's a genuine talent with a passion and a vision behind everything he does. Zero Gold is a brilliant reflection of that talent." -

Pole Folder's 'Zero Gold' will be released on the 24th April 2005

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