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Glastonbury Festival

international news _ 7th April 2005

All Night Dancing in silence at Glastonbury 05

This years Glastonbury festival has once again sold out in record time. After last years barrage that saw phone lines jammed and servers crashing phone lines open at 9 this morning were closed by midday after all 125,000 tickets at 133 GBP sold out and don't forget this is before any of the artists playing have been announced, such is the events reputation in the UK music scene.

This year however may be a little different for the thousands of electronic music fans who in previous years have danced their hearts out in thick mud and under clear skies to the cream of electronic musicians. Complaints from surrounding villagers have forced new strict licensing laws that will mean that all music on all stages must stop at 12am, so in an effort to counter what organisers consider to be draconian measures they will give up to 3000 party goers wireless headsets so they can listen to the music as loud as they like without disturbing 'the peace'. Whether getting down to Meat Katie and the cream of the UK dance scene will sound as good on a pair of headphones remains to be seen (or heard) but we'll be impressed if the batteries last all night.

More details on the events lineup to be announced in the coming weeks, keep checking. (Matt Cheetham)

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