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Manuel Gottsching 162 : Manuel Gottsching Interview via E Mail
Being the son of an inventor it is no surprise that Manuel Gottsching managed to produce music so far ahead of its time. His seminal “E2-E4” is still to this day cited .... (more)
M.A.N.D.Y. 145 : M.A.N.D.Y. Interview
Phillip Jung and Patrick Bodmer met many moons ago, but it wasn't until they met Booka Shade at University that they realised making music was much better than burying their heads in some dusty old books .... (more)
Mathew Jonson 070 : Mathew Jonson Interview
Formally trained but now tearing up the rule book, electro experimentalist and innovator, Mathew Johnson, gives HigherFrequency the pleasure of his company on his latest trip to Japan.... (more)
Matthias Heilbronn 040 : Matthias Heilbronn Interview
Matthias Heibronn, probably better known as one half of production duo Deep Zone who achieved notoriety after club hits such as 'It's Gonna Be All Right' featuring Ceybil Jeffries, as well as their remix... (more)
Miss Kittin Interview 84 : Michael Mayer Interview
Becoming an undisputed authority of minimal house, the modest Micheal Mayer along with his tight knit crew have turned the Cologne based record shop 'Kompakt' into one of the most respected labels on the planet... (more)
Michael Mayer Interview 146 : Miss Kittin Interview
Despite two years of piano lessons and 17 years of ballet lessons, it wasn't long until a little thing called Rave culture transformed .... (more)
Misstress Barbara 031 : Misstress Barbara Interview
Italian born DJ/producer & record label owner, Misstress Barbara (spelt with four "S's" to emphasize the 'miss' and 'stress'!) grew up in Canada, where she is currently living. She began her record label.... (more)
Mouse On Mars 038 : MJ Cole Interview
If you are into UK Garage then there is no doubt you will know the name MJ Cole. This scene dominator has been making waves ever since his first release dropped on London's .... (more)
Mouse On Mars 038 : Mouse On Mars Interview
In 2004 Mouse On Mars, celebrate their 10th anniversary. What started out as experimentation in electronic music and philosophy, has grown into one of the most important .... (more)
Mr.Buzzhard 003 : Mr.Buzzhard Interview
"Future Funk Flava Vol.01 X'mas Garage", presented by HigherFrequency's partner SAKI Entertainment,Inc. was recently held at Shibuya NUTS featuring BBC 1Xtra DJ, J Da Flex and Mr Buzzhard of Artful Dodger fame... (more)
Mr.C 045 : Mr.C Interview
September 2004
Mr C, a name synonymous with electronic music is one of the dance scene's true pioneers and innovators. From his early involvement as a DJ and promoter during the heady acid house days of the late 80's... (more)
Mr Sam 202 : Mr Sam Interveiw
Mr. Samuel Paquet has literally crossed borders to become the newest big name in the trance scene. Moving from the north of France to Belgium ... (more)
Mylo 92 : Mylo Interview
Since his first release a seven inch double A-side "Destroy Rock and Roll / Sun Worshipper" in April 2003 the young man from the Isle of Skye has been on a steady rise to the heady heights of music stardom... (more)