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HRFQ : Regarding I'm Not A Gun, how did you and Takeshi Nishimoto first get together?

John Tehada : We met through a mutual friend. I watched him play some indian music and I thought it was really unique the way he played it. We met after the gig and started talking about music. He came over to jam and we've been working ever since.

HRFQ : How long have you been doing this project?

John : This was about 5 years ago when we met and began working on music.

HRFQ : How was your experience at Tokyo's SonarSound?

John : It was amazing. I was just informed that due to my late arrival (due to typhoon) that the staff stayed overtime for free so we could do our show. I am so grateful to the Sonar staff for this. We had an amazing gig and lots of fun.

HRFQ : Have you released any albums or tracks for this? If so what? Which labels?

John : Yes, we have 2 albums on City Centre Offices based in Berlin. The first titled "everything at once" and the new album titled "our lives on wednesdays" there is also an older single with remixes and another remix single featuring myself, Dntel and Polar will be out in November.

HRFQ : How do you see this project evolving in the future?

John : We hope to keep working on new material and making new music in the future.

HRFQ : Are you currently collaborating with any other musicians as well?

John : Yes, for my own electronic music I am still collaborating with Arian Leviste for 13 years now. I am also doing techno with a newer collaborator named Justin Maxwell.

End of the interview

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