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Heartthrob 197 : Heartthrob Interveiw
Heartthrob, known to some as Jesse Siminski, was raised in Northern Michigan and was heavily influenced by the Chicago and Detroit scenes. It was... (more)
Hernan Cattaneo 066 : Hernan Cattaneo Interview
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Hernan Cattaneo 043 : The word from Hernan Cattaneo on his Japan tour
One of Higher-Frequency and certainly Argentina's favourite DJ Hernan Cattaneo will make his 2nd visit to Japan this year with a mini tour starting at The Underlounge in Osaka on the 8th October... (more)
Hernan Cattaneo 006 : Hernan Cattaneo Interview
Shooting to stardom and carving his name into the league of global DJ's Hernan Cattaneo was discovered rocking at his residency by Paul Oakenfold and immediately signed to his Perfecto label... (more)
Hybrid 018 : Hybrid Interview
The first artists to bring the breakbeat sound to the mainstream in clubs like Cream, Hybrid have been forming broken beats since the early days of the sound. Their massive.. (more)