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avus 180 :Extrawelt E-Mail Interview
Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe are the names behind Border Community duo Extrawelt. While you may have ... (more)
avus 179 : Paolo Mojo Interview in Tokyo
You may’ve heard his Heretic radioshow, you’ve definitely heard his prog stomping ‘1983’ and now you’ve even ... (more)
avus 178 : Avus Interview in Tokyo
He may not have bee a drummer for Rod Stewart but thanks to his releases on Klang Elektronik, Perc Trax and Border Community... (more)
troy_pierce 177 : Troy Pierce Interview in Tokyo
Midwest born Troy Pierce eventually found his way to the minimal Mecca of Berlin and the welcoming arms of the Minus family but that wasn’t before .... (more)
Funk D'void 176 : Funk D'void Interview in Tokyo
A George Clinton inspired tattooed Scotsman with the proclivity for hanging out on Barcelona beaches. Sound like a character from .... (more)
Dominik Eulberg 175 : Dominik Eulberg Interview in Tokyo
You may’ve first heard of Dominik Eulberg back in 2003 when his debut release ‘Der Hecht Im Karpfenteich’ came out on Riley Reinhold’s Cologne label Traum Schallplatten .... (more)
Petter 174 : Petter Interview in Tokyo
Petter Nordkvist reigns from that winter wonderland that can be found tucked snuggly between Finland and Norway. His music has been eminating from Scandinavia .... (more)
Mouse On Mars 173 : MJ Cole Interview
If you are into UK Garage then there is no doubt you will know the name MJ Cole. This scene dominator has been making waves ever since his .... (more)
Dennis Ferrer 172 : Dennis Ferrer Interview with Jonty Skrufff
Dennis Ferrer has been making music since the 90fs but youfll still hear this innovative producer described as "upcoming" .... (more)
Ame 171 : Ame Interview with Jonty Skrufff
We certainly thought Rej could be a hit, but only on the scale that wefd already achieved in the underground scene we're in. .... (more)
DJ Sneak 170 : DJ Sneak Interview
Despite being born in Puerto Rico and now residing in Toronto, DJ Sneak is considered as one of the main faces of the Chicago house scene, .... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 169 : Tim Deluxe Interview
A lot of his fans probably don’t know it but Tim Deluxe was actually half the brains behind speed garage stormer ‘R.I.P. Groove’ all those years back in ’97.... (more)
DJ Oji 168 : DJ OJi Interview
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Manuel Gottsching 167 : Gebr. Teichmann Interview
Andi and Hannes Teichmann are no ordinary brothers. Most brothers don’t tour the world together driving dancefloors crazy with impressively energetic.... (more)
Rasmus Faber 166 : X-Press2 Interview
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Manuel Gottsching 165 : Blaze Interview
Kevin Hedge and Josh Milan have done everything together. They’ve lived together, chased girls together and most importantly produced a hell of a lot of .... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 164 : Transit Kings Interview
Whether the inevitable collision of too many ideas on the table, the leisurely gait of seasoned artists who have little to prove in the innovation stakes, or just .... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 163 : Nitzer Ebb Interview with Jonty Skrufff
“I don’t know if it’s a particularly American phenomena but it seems like a lot of bands or band members over here are really obsessed with their self-image, whereas .... (more)
Manuel Gottsching 162 : Manuel Gottsching Interview via E Mail
Being the son of an inventor it is no surprise that Manuel Gottsching managed to produce music so far ahead of its time. His seminal “E2-E4” is still to this day sited .... (more)
Alex Gopher 161 : Alex Gopher Interview with Jonty Skrufff
Making his name around the French filtered house scene he helped pioneer in the mid 90s, Alex Gopher became a bona fide dance star though more recentlyhe’s been .... (more)
Frank Lorber 160 : Frank Lorber Interview
He started his DJ career at the age of sixteen and since his first international gig almost 15 years ago Frank Lorber has gone from strength to strength. Listen to his latest mix CD .... (more)
Demi 159 : Demi Interview
Not too many DJs out there can boast kicking off their career with a residency in Indonesia and not long after playing alongside Danny Tenaglia in NY thanks to a personal invitation. .... (more)
Pascal F.E.O.S. 158 : Pascal F.E.O.S.Interview
It may be hard to believe but Pascal F.E.O.S. started his DJ career way back in 1984 when crowds were naive and disco and house music ruled the clubs. In the twenty something years .... (more)
Evil Nine 157 : Evil Nine Interview with Jonty Skrufff
There’s definitely an intellectual almost nerdy side to breaks but that’s the case with the whole of electronic music full stop. Breaks is quite nerdy, but nerds make the most .... (more)
Pako & Frederik 156 : Pako & Frederik Interview with Jonty Skrufff
“Apart from England there is probably not a single country in the world where club music is as mainstream as in Holland. Every year, for example, Dancevalley makes.... (more)
Atomic Hooligan 155 : Atomic Hooligan Interview
Atomic Hooligan started catching most people's attention back in 2004 when DJ Mag asked them to supply a cover mount CD and announced them as their hot pick for the year..... (more)
Ricardo Vilallobos 154 : Ricardo Villalobos Interview
Chilean born, but Berlin bred, Ricardo Villalobos is one of, if not the, most influential players in today's ironically huge minimal surge. Milling around the streets of Berlin have seen.... (more)
Kieran Hebden 153 : Kieran Hebden Interview
Despite being around 50 years younger, Kieran Hebden better known as Four Tet, has a lot in common with James Brown, Fats Domino and Miles Davis .... (more)
Todd Terry 152 : Todd Terry Interview with Jonty Skrufff
"Times have changed; now you don't sell records, you play gigs. Before it was about selling records so you wouldn't have to do gigs. Now I basically give .... (more)
Nathan Fake 151 : Nathan Fake Interview
If Nathan Fake is the current flavour of the month then this is the longest 30 days ever recorded. His break out single 'Outhouse' was released in 2003.... (more)