HigherFrequency CLUB EVENT



Date : 15 July 2006 (Sat)
Place : Belrin, Germany
Capacity : NA
Ticket : Free
Web : www.loveparade.net

Angelo Mike, Carla Roca, Diana DLRouze, Marika, Siasia, Gogo, Sick, Peter Fern, Chris Da Break, Alan White, Lukash Andego, Came Lee, Dia.chro.na, Poziom X, Marius Ivanoff, Mindaugelis, Lona, Bogdan Taran, Kolzar, Ex da Bass, Felix Krocher, Sven Wittekind, Robert Natus, Arkus P., Boris S., Kaoz Tadox, Elmo, Mario Ranieri, Sonic feat. Houserockers, Pi Chai, Paul van Dyk, Adam Sheridan, Steve Porter, John Askew, Jose' Amnesia, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Miika Kuisma, Dallas Superstars, Cosmicman, TAB, Super8, Alex Kunnari, Cosmo, ALT+F4, Luka, Sasha F, Eliot Ness, Tiesto, Danny Oliveira, DJ Joop, Cor Fijneman, Mark Norman, ATB, Kai Tracid, Marco Bailey , Hooligan, Redhead, Tom Wax, Eric Sneo, Mijk van Dijk, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Sheela, Elmar Strathe, Rummy, Andry Nalin, Namito, Martin Eyerer, Hardy Heller, Michael Burian, DJ Thomson, Eloi Brunelle, Mateo Murphy, Pheek, Vincent Casanova, T-Polar, The Autist, Tom Novy, Dave Seaman, Seb Fontaine, Axwell, Phil Fuldner, Joachim Garraud, Richard Grey, Joe T. Vannelli, Sharam Jey, Sonique, Jean-Claude Ades aka JCA, Melih ASK, Tom Novy, Milk&Sugar, Voodoo, Serano, Momo, Tillmann Uhrmacher, Taucher, Massimo, Christian Fischer, Superstar DJ Team, Patrick Bateman, Kenneth Christiansen, Kim Kemi, Rune, Martin Decara, Trick & Kubic, DJ T, Ian Pooley, Niels von Geyer, Gawron Paris, Roland Leesker, Andy Caldwell, Ryan Dent, Bjorn Wilke, Nakadia, Mark Dynamix, Ricky Stone, Sebbo, Marc Miroir, Daniel R., Agent Orange, Dela Dope, Hubraum, Lexy & K Paul, Karotte, Lucioperca, Chris Zander, Mark Forbach, Outrage (Metalheadz/London, UK), Circuit Breaker, Current Value, Metro, Fortsch, Katana, Ed2000, Cymon, MC Santana, Janoshi, Alley - Cat, Mediengruppe Telekommander, Deichkind, Gebru"der Teichmann, Kiki, DJ T, Tiefschwarz, Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Huntemann, My My, Motor, Marco Remus, Frank Sonik, Sia Mac, Man at Arms, Noah, Rubicon, Sandrino, Stefan Waldschmidt, Danilo Moton, Blank&Jones, Aldrin Quek, Tony Tay, Fono, Leonard T, Zikuta, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Alejando Vivanco, Tobi Neumann, Dinky, Tomcraft, Coburn, GusGus, Martin Eyerer, Trick&Kubic, Lu"tzenkirchen, Flynn, Babette Werdier, Rainer Weichhold, Joey Beltram, Takkyu Ishino, Gianni Vitiello, Daniel Boon, DaRule, Holgistar, Stewart Walker live, 3channels, Touane live, Daniel Dreier, TillvonSein, Daniel.fx, Ahmet Coskun, Elbee Bad, Eddy Flashin Folkes, Buzz Goree, special guest, Vera, M.I.A., Kate Wax, Heidi, Codec & Flexor (live), Louis Osbourne, Mark Brain, D.O.N.S., Gadjo, Bush II Bush, Oliver Moldan, Plastik Funk, Royal Two, Sebastian Gnewkow, silversurfer, savas pascalidis, metope, leon segka, cj jeff, Westbam, Lexy & K Paul, Hardy Hard, Lady Waks, Cesar del Rio, Alex Gold, Oliver Lang, Delicious & Tiger Lili, Plastik Funk, Robbie Romero, Juliet Sikora, DJ Youdai, Leslie Jaycee, DJ Spark, and more...