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Having dj'ed for over 20 years already, Mike is no newcomer to dj'ing. He starting off playing northern soul, jazz and funk but slowly moved into house/techno. He is now resident at Ko Kimura's Kool party and is a regular guest DJ at Ageha, Simoon, Air, Womb, with events in other cities such as Hiroshima and Osaka. He has DJ'ed with some of the biggest names in house music, including John Digweed and Satoshi Tomiie, and is a promoter and organiser and runs his own event, Addiction, bi-monthly at Simoon in Shibuya.

  • MAY 2007
  • 01. Julie Amadeo / Arcade (Lega Mix) [Snejl]
    02. Rhythm Punks / Soho Lovers [Elev-8]
    03. Thugfucker / Blatant Promotion (Jamie Mchugh Mix) [Brique Rougue]
    04. Gregor Tresor / The Goodlife [Great Stuff]
    05. Discoscience / Unaware [WIFI]
    06. Drum Monkeys / Acid Drop [Westway]
    07. Spoon Wizard / Monkey Show (Tom Real + Rogue Element Mix) [FUN]
    08. Rob Reng / My Flava (Stama + Paolo Mix ) [Erase]
    09. Elia Casetti Orchestra / Mistero [Young Odds]
    10. Janetta Slack / Red Ramona [Air Recordings]