Tom Middleton

Tom Middleton

Related Project : Schizophrenia, Jedi Knights, Cosmos, Global Communication, Amba
Style : Electronic, Hip Hop, Ambient, House
Label : Polydor, Evolution, Warp
Official Web :www.tommiddleton.com


So how does a classically trained cellist and pianist become one of the better known names in the dance music scene? Befriending Richard James (Aphex Twin) probably doesn't hurt, but there is surely more to the Tom Middleton story. After co-producing a cult classic for James' "Analogue Bubblebath" EP in the early 90's the scene had already been set and Middleton's career had taken a giant first step.

Fast forward through the nineties past the release of an influential album, "New School Science", as one half of the Jedi Knights, and we find ourselves at the turn of the century. Here Tom Middleton, now better known as Cosmos, is at full strength delighting progressive house crowds everywhere with the 2002 release of his impossibly catchy 'Take Me With You'.

And what about now? Well, as part of the duo known as Global Communication, which has been responsible for many ambient and house releases since the nineties, Middleton has just recently released a hip hop infused 26th installment of the long running Fabric series. Although this is where the classical musician now finds himself, this certainly won't be where the Tom Middleton story ends.