A Guy Called Gerald

A Guy Called Gerald

Real Name : Gerald Simpson
Related Project : 808 State
Style : Techno
Label : Studio !K7, Sugoi
Offcial Web : www.aguycalledgerald.com


From Manchester, he was at the forefront of creating a new dance music format in the 80's and without doubt a part of the history of dance music. Gerald is well known as being one of the most influential sources of Drum'n Bass. When acid house was in full swing in the late 80's Gerald was part of 808 State and had the hit "Pacific State". Gerald went solo in 1989 and released the acid anthem "Voodoo Ray" which had ravers going wild. In 1993, Gerald released "28 Gun Bad Boy" through his own label. This was picked up by Knowledge Magazine as the best Drum n Bass track ever. Having achieved new heights of fame, Gerald went on to release "Essence" through Studio K7. This was an intricate combination of breakbeats, melody and vocals and once again put Gerald in the spotlight. Gerald is currently busy with producing his next album coming out through K7 and running his personal label Sugoi!

A Guy Called Gerald Interview in London (11th Dec, 2003)

Samurai Sessions @ Herbal, Shorditch London(10th September 2005)