Real Name : Thomas Franzmann
Style : Techno
Related Project: Pantytec, Zip, Zip Campisi, Pile, Bigod 20, Second Voice
Label: Perlon
Official Web :www.perlon.net/


You probably haven't heard of Thomas Franzmann before but chances are you now him already. When not co-founding popular labels, ie. Perlon, or reminiscing about his time during the 80's as the lead singer of an experimental German band, Thomas is busy behind the decks as well as the mixing desk. His label may represent some of the big names like Ricardo Villalobos, Baby Ford and Mathew Jonson but don't let that fool you into thinking that Franzmann fades into the background working solely in an office.

Not only responsible for compiling Perlon's mix CDs he is also better known as one half of Pantytec and produces solo material under the guise of Dimbiman. Both projects managed to feature on Richie Hawtin's DE9:Transitions with the track 'Do You Know Dimbi?' featuring samples from Dimbiman's 'Do the Dimbi' and Pantytec's already popular 'Elastobabe' and 'Micromission' also being sampled.

So while you may not have heard the name you will have definitely already heard the music produced, mixed or represented by Thomas Franzmann. (Nick Lawrence)