Derek Howell

Derek Howell

Related Project: The Alley Qats, Pinkbox Special, Lonestar
Style : Progressive/Breaks
Label: Bedrock, Armada, Fade, 3Beat Breaks, Mynt Muzik, DK


Having a Country and Western singer for a mother and growing up in a predominantly hip hop town makes it difficult to understand how Derek Howell ended up contributing to the dance music industry. However, after listening to mix CDs by Sasha and John Digweed the Texan decided to push his Def Leppard tapes and his guitar under the bed, booted up his computer and began his journey into electronic music.

His first release was Happy to Be Sad on Bedrock in 2004 and since then Howell has released numerous other singles (on various labels), an EP and has also appeared on Armin van Buuren's A State of Trance, Nick Warren's Global Underground 028 and Desyn Masiello's Balance 008. Only a few short years after starting to produce his brand of progressive, Derek Howell's name is repeatedly appearing in the set lists of some of the industry's most influential players. Surely we will hear much more from this young overnight hit in the near future.