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Leama & Moor / Common Ground

Leama & Moor / Common Ground

Release Date : TBC/05/2006
Label : Lost Language
Cat No. : LOSTCDLP07
Format : Original CD
Country : Europe
Style : Trance

Leam & Moor are the UK duo you have no doubt already heard. They have remixed the pop world extensively most recently giving Avril Lavigne an overhaul. If you've been out in the clubs you will have heard a handful of their tracks being banged out by none other than Tiesto. (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Waterdrop
02. Hill Side Climb
03. Coming of Age
04. Neon Approach
05. Everything Matters
06. Forever
07. New Division
08. Cry for Help
09. Calling
10. Waiting (feat. Jan Johnston)
12. Communications

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