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Idjut Boys / Noid Long Player

Idjut Boys / Noid Long Player

Release Date : 05/05/2006
Label : Noid
Cat No. : NOIDCD001
Format : Reissue CD
Country : UK
Style : Dub, Disco

A reissue of the Idjut Boys 1998 hit album "Noid Long Player". If you've been missing the Noid sound then this CD is for you, although for some reason the promo copy comes with two less tracks than the original 1998 CD. (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Paddy Konsteinburger
02. Sweet Gerry Dynamite
03. Spaz Boogie
04. Highway 167
05. Gentle Approach
06. Toilet Trader
07. Stein World
08. Girth Soup
09. Dubstyle