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Gerd / Perspectives

Gerd / Perspectives

Release Date : 20/05/2006
Label : Octave Lab.
Cat No. : OTLCD1053
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Jazz, Downtempo, Leftfield

The third album from Dutch nu-jazz and leftfield aficionados Gerd. This CD features plenty of guest vocalists, for example Natalie Gardiner, and is no doubt to pique the interest of any fans of the genre. (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Elementz
02. What is it? (feat. Guida de Palma)
03. Fire in my Soul (feat. Marilyn David)
04. Mosaic
05. In love with you (I tell ya) (feat. Ernesto)
06. Imaginary Friend (feat. Dee Ferguson)
07. Values
08. Star Seed
09. Solely (feat. Dee Ferguson)
10. Brother (feat. Natalie Gardiner)
11. So Real (feat. Vanessa Freeman)
12. Perspectives (feat. Twana)
13. Deep Moon
14. So Real (Sandboy remix) [Japan Only]
15. Fire In My Soul (Delgui's 4lux remix) [Japan Only]