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The Ones / The Ones

The Ones / The Ones

Release Date : 26/03/2007
Label : A Touch Of Class
Cat No. : ATOC 9003
Format : Original CD
Country : USA
Style : Electro, House, Disco,

The debut album from "The Ones" will be released on March 26th. This trio consists of Nashom, Jojo Americo and Paul Alexander, all from New York. This double CD also contains remixes by Scissor Sisters, The Rapture, Dimitry and A Touch Of Class. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

Disc 1
01. NYC Jungle
02. Ultramodern (ATOC Voxmaster)
03. Picture Perfect (ATOC Dubmaster)
04. I Feel Upside Down (ATOC Vocal Mix)
05. Hello Hello
06. Flawless (ATOC Re-remix)
07. Blast (Vocal Mix)
08. When We Get Together
09. Superstar (Phunk Investigation Clubinvest)
10. Lost
11. I'm Going To Go (Automagics Upside Down Dub)
12. Thinking Of You (Tomasi's Roger Debris Mix)

Bonus Disc
01. Flawless (Original Radio Mix)
02. Picture Perfect (The Rapture Hushhush remix)
03. When We Get Together (Automagic Superdub)
04. Superstar (ATOC Mix)
05. Miles Away
06. Blast (Out Of Space Dub)
07. Flawless (Harry's Afro Hut Remix)
08. TV Screen (T-Total Original Mix)
09. Picture Perfect (ATOC Voxmaster)
10. Superstar (Scissor Sisters Fallen Star Remix)
11. Magic (Frequency Crunch Mix)
12. (Keep Feeling) Fascination

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