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The Ones / The Ones

Roger O'Donnell / The Truth In Me

Release Date : 17/03/2007
Label : Great Society / Hostess
Cat No. : 2-44455J
Format : Original CD
Country : USA / Japan
Style : Electronica

The debut album from ex Cure member Roger O'Donnell was made entirely on a Moog synthesizer. The mainly instrumental album contains three tracks with vocals by Erin Lang. This is a very back-to-basics CD with newcomers Great Society records. (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. My Days
02. For The Truth In You
03. The Truth In Me
04. Not Without You
05. He Sent You Angels
06. Treasure
07. One At A Time [Japanese Bonus Track]
08. This Is A Story
09. This Grey Morning
10. If Not Tonight [Japanese Bonus Track]
11. Tired Of All This
12. ...And So I Closed My Eyes

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