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Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid / Tongues

Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid / Tongues

Release Date : 19/03/2007
Label : Domino / Hostess
Cat No. : HSE10039
Format : Original CD
Country : Europe
Style : Jazz, Electronica

The improvisational kings Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid are at it again this time with a ten track album entitled "Tongues". "Tounges" follows on from volume 1, 2 & 3 of "Exchange Sessions" series but promises to be a more refined and explosive collaboration after spending endless months together on the road, including a set last year at the inaugural Taico Club event in Japan. While their music is always improvisational the dynamic duo draw influences from many places and have even been now to re-interpret Derrick May's 'Strings of Life' live on stage. Kieran & Steve are also set to get the re-interpretation treatment themselves with remixes from the album scheduled from James Holden and Audion. (Nick Lawrence : HigherFrequency)

01. The Sun Never Sets
02. Brain
03. Our Time
04. People Be Happy
05. Greesleeves
06. Rhythm Dance
07. Mirrors
08. The Squid
09. Superheros
10. Left Handed, Left Handed

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