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Ananda Project / Fire Flower

Ananda Project / Fire Flower

Release Date : 28/03/2007
Label : Nite Grooves / Rhythm Zone
Cat No. : RZCD45487
Format : Original CD
Country : USA / Japan
Style : House

The third album from the Ananda Project is set to be released. The Atlanta based Ananda Project consists of frontman/mastermind Chris Brann (well known for his Wamdue Project), vocalists Heather Johnson and Terrance Down, guitarist Ede Wright, and percussionists/vocalists Genoa Mungin and Kima Moore (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. You Are There
02. Space And Time
03. Free Me
04. Fireworks
05. Stalk You (Extended)
06. Where The Music Takes You
07. Many Starred Sky
08. No.1 To The Sun
09. Let Love Fly
10. Stay As You Are
11. Universal Love
12. Seedlife
13. Into The Sunrise

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