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A Hundred Birds / To The Eden

A Hundred Birds / To The Eden

Release Date : 14/03/2007
Label : For Life Music
Cat No. : FLCG-3127
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Jazz, Vocal, Electro

A Hundred Birds, as known as AHB is a collective of various artists with a love for orchestration. Lead by DJ Yoku as the "Conductor" with an ensemble of around 30 people, their sound consists of many different instruments and vocals. Kaskade from Om Records also got involved with a remix of 'AMAR GORA' (Len Iima : HigherFrequency)

01. Feelin' Your Bright Light feat. TeN
02. Jungle Kitten feat. TeN
03. Because The Way Love Is feat. TeN
04. Love Is A Master Of Disguise
05. Davai Raskrasim Noch's Feat.Stella
06. Turn It Up And Don't Stop Baby feat. TeN
07. Perpetuum Mobile
08. Free feat. TeN
09. Orientaflo
10. Amar Gora feat. Sugami (Kascade Remix)
11. Clouds Away
12. Vega feat. Sugami

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