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Surtek Collective / The Birth Of Action

Surtek Collective / The Birth Of Action

Release Date : 11/04/2007
Label : Third Ear Recordings
Cat No. : XECD-1072
Format : Original CD
Country : Japan
Style : Drum n' Bass, Dancehall, Electro

From the collaboration between Senor Coconut (Atom Heart / Uwe Schmidt) and Original Hamster (Vicente Sanfuentes) comes their debut. They have combined Acid Jazz with Reggaeton (Dancehall) to create what they call 'Aciton'. It's a stroke of mash-up genius. (Len Iima:HigherFrequency)

01. Surtek Collective (Prologue) feat. Funky-C
02. El Tebeo feat. Peter Rap
03. El Pum y el Pam
04. Esta hervida feat. Jorge Gonzalez
05. La vecina feat. Peter Rap
06. El Cumbiaton
07. Surtek Collective feat. Funky-C
08. El Inteliton
09. Raggabuffer override feat. Boomer
10. Apache
11. Sex-O-Tronik
12. Goza el Aciton
13. San Juan Atkins
14. Track-a-t
15. Surtek Collective (Epilogue) feat. Funky-C
16. El Cumbiaton feat. Hibikilla, Afra & Kei (Incredible Beatbox Band) and Diva Gray[Bonus Track]
17. La vieja Julia feat. Jorge González [Bonus Track]

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