HigherFrequency RELEASE


V.A. / Audio Therapy Spring/Summer 2007 Edition

Matthew Herbert / Score

Release Date : 04/04/2007
Label : !K7 / Hostess
Cat No. : K7212CDJ
Format : Best CD
Country : Germany
Style : Eclectic, Big Band, Soundtrack

"Score" will comprise of 17 songs all created for the silver screen (or stage) and that now come together on one disc to chronicle Herbert's history of film score production. Don't expect "Score" to feature theme songs to any blockbuster Hollywood hits, but you will find music taken from the soundtracks of the multiple award winning Spanish film "Vida y Color" as well as two demo songs which were rejected for the Penelope Cruz movie "Manolete". (Nick Lawrence:HigherFrequency)

01. Funeral
02. End
03. Rivoli Shuffle
04. The Apartment
05. Singing In The Rain
06. Café de Flore (Trio Reprise)
07. Gang Of Boys
08. Blood And Hair
09. Bull And Cloth
10. Rendezvous
11. Indiscretion
12. Forest Montage
13. Broken Piano
14. Tristease
15. Running From The Credits
16. Nicotine
17. Closing Theme

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