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DAT Politics / Wow Twist

DAT Politics / Wow Twist

Release Date : 03/04/2006
Label : Chicks On Speed Records
Cat No. : 88091810312
Format : Original CD
Country : Europe
Style : Experimental, Electro

Down to three members from their original five, the experimental French group is still going strong as they prepare to release their sixth album. This will be their third released on the Chicks On Speed record label which is the perfect home for this glitchy trio. (Nick Lawrence : Higher Frequency)

01. Viper Eyes
02. 2-Turn My Brain Off
03. What's Dat?
04. Gravity
05. Dizzy Zip
06. My Toshiba Is Alive
07. Roll
08. Fake Friend
09. Wow Signal
10. Video Tape
11. Flea Wheel Fest

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